Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday February 27, 2010

Not much to report this week in the way of treatment. John and I were home for what was expected to be close to two weeks but UCLA rescheduled John’s Radiation Simulation for yesterday so we headed back Thursday afternoon. That was after John traveled back to LA with buddies Tony Silva and Brian Swanson for a chemo treatment on Tuesday. One of their mutual friends (Jeff you know who you are) was surprised they made it to LA without detouring to Vegas for a fun filled 24 hours!! They had a good time anyway given the circumstances. Of course they didn’t go the distance without some kid games. See the “Anderson Brothers” in photo.

Being home was great. John planted a new cherry tree in the back yard. He is so proud of that tree. Doesn’t look like much now but he is anticipating the sweet cherries already.

Friday’s appointment went well. Xrays are taken to verify all the radiation beams are properly lined up according the plan the physicists created. Now that the plan is verified to be correct, they will start executing on Monday for 33 treatments, one each day Monday – Friday. John can’t wait till he makes it to that last treatment on April 14th.

We had a wonderful day today with Ernie and Mary Jackson, friends from John’s Morada days and again his co-worker at SFD. We went out for lunch and back to the apartment for dessert and coffee. They were great company and very photogenic too!! Thanks for the visit Mary and Ernie!!

John and I can’t wait for my sister to get here from Chicago on Wednesday. We are REALLY excited!!!

Can’t thank everyone enough for all the well wishes, cards and emails. We hope all is well with you,

Elaine and John..


  1. Do I understand correctly that Aunt Mary is taking care of Holly's Shit ?? :)
    And, you Americans.....These are not tulips. Have you ever been to Holland to see how tulips look like? John, good luck with your cherries, but I think you will have to continue buying cherries for a few years until your tree grows. We have great cherries in Greece, cove over in June to taste.... Many kisses to both of you.

  2. I like cherries! I hope during my next visit we can sit in your garden and taste it. We often think of you and send best wishes. Eveline, Hansruedi and kids.