Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday February 5, 2010

Well, another week of scheduling and making appointments, learning more and trying to understand this whole treatment process. Besides John’s second chemo, which went well, he finished getting all the mouth and jaw implements he needs during radiation. More tests and scans next week to prepare for the start of radiation.

We also attended a SPOHNC meeting (Support for People with Oral, Head and Neck Cancer). This was quite eye opening. John was able to talk to many people who have survived this disease but feels especially lucky to meet a wonderful man there who has already been a tremendous inspiration to him.

We were sad to leave Nicole and John’s house in Mission Viejo yesterday to move into our own little pad in Santa Monica. We are now just 6 miles from UCLA, much easier than the 60+ mile commute from Mission Viejo. We like it here so far and think we’ll be comfy.

Please keep the posts and emails coming. We really enjoy them and they really keep both John and I up and positive. Thanks for all your love and support.


  1. Hi Johnny,

    You look strong and confident. Keep up the positive attitude. You are in my thoughts 24/7. Coming soon to give you lots of good cooking and lots of love. oxoxoxo Millie

  2. Love the pictures and the thumbs up! The weather looks so nice! We are thinking of you and enjoy reading what is going on down there!

  3. Hi Guys....
    John looks really nice with the hat on...He is so cool! Keep up with the good spirit. And don't forget.Aris is waiting for his tennis partner in Greece. Love you both,polla filakia

  4. Hi John, great talking with you on the phone this morning, keep up the great attitude. Jenny and I were so happy to have you in reno recently. You are in our thoughts and prayers every day. We love you both, Michelle and Jenny

  5. Hi john hope you are doing ok and feeling better.
    We hope to see you soon.
    Grace and Millie.

  6. Keep battling John.
    The Hall Family

  7. We are always thinking of you John and enjoy following along with whats going on. The pictures show your personality perfectly.... always positive. Keep the thumbs up and we will see you soon. The Uhrich's

  8. Hi John & Elaine, Thanks for keeping us abreast of your condition via this site. I had a tough time tracking you down but now will watch for updates. We think of you often & hope that there will be lots of good news coming our way as we keep you in our prayers. John, G wants to take you out sailing again when you're able. Take care. Janet & Gerald

  9. Hi John, keep up the good fight. Let me know if you need help with anything.
    Wayne King