Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday February 19th

Well it’s been a good week. After John’s chemo treatment we drove back to Stockton to be home for some days before radiation starts on March 1st. John is happy to be home and see his buddies and go visiting at the fire houses!! We’ll be in Stockton until February 28th for the most part. John has to travel back to LA for a chemo treatment on Tuesday but then he’ll be back for the rest of the week.

We had more visitors last weekend and that always makes us happy. John’s daughter and siblings came to visit and we had a great time. We also got to see my brother and his family and see my niece Jacki play basketball. That was a real treat.

Other than that we’ve had some TV personality sightings!! Don’t want to use the word celebrity since some of you may not even know who they are!!

Our first sighting was Sheree Wilson. Some of you older folks may remember her from Dallas or Walker, Texas Ranger.

Then I happen to run into Doris Roberts , you know Raymond’s mom from Everybody Loves Raymond.

Maura Tierney was in the chemo clinic in the chair next to John last week. She played Dr. Abby Lockhart on ER, one of my favorite characters.

That’s all the news this week. Stay tuned for more….

Again, thanks for all the blog posts, emails, phone calls, and cards. Keep ‘em coming, they are very much appreciated. Elaine and John


  1. Good to be home for a change...Enjoy it! Many hugs, Aris and Caterina, your greek fans.

  2. Big John,
    When you read this, you will be back in Santa Monica. Keep up the positive attitude and stay strong. You'll have plenty of help and support from all of us. You'll still be able to swing across all the rings while the rest of us are spitting up sand!
    Love, your bro,

  3. Hello both of you! Nice to go home for a while... Have fun. Go out for a beer - my treat. Can I arrange it from here? I'm not very good in words, but I'm constantly thinking of you. Me poly poly agapi kai stous dyo sas. xxx artemis