Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday March 31, 2010

Well it’s been a while since our last post again. The last nine days have been a bit more challenging than the previous. John’s brother Rick was with him while Elaine took a break and went back to Stockton. Thanks Rick!!

Today will be the 22nd of 33 radiation treatments. The new finish date is April 15th. Who can forget that, except for those who forget to file their taxes? We’re a day behind because UCLA had to cancel an appointment last week because the radiation machine was having a tune up. So it has to be made up at the end. Only two more chemo Tuesdays’ too. John could not be happier about that, the dreaded needle pokes for 4 hours of IV drugs are almost history.

John’s eating has slowed down quite a bit but he can still drink liquids, which is l good. No feeding tube yet and we are keeping our fingers crossed that he can maintain a healthy weight just by drinking soups and Muscle Milk shakes with a banana and protein powder. He now weights 173 lbs. His pain is at an all time high and the mouth sores are numerous. His voice gets tired and cannot talk for long periods of time without getting really tired.

That’s all for now. Have a Happy Easter and thanks again for all the messages and cards. We are very appreciative of everyone’s continued support.

Elaine and John

Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday March, 22, 2010

Wow, John has 16 days of radiation behind him and 17 days to go!! Four more chemo treatments too. He is so looking forward to that last day on April 14th. The past week has been OK. John's daughter Natalie was with him for two solid weeks of pampering and that put him in good spirits.!! John was sad to see her go (I was too, of course). John's brother Rick is with him now and he likes that too. If any of you know how the two of them are together then you won't be surprised to learn they go in trouble today in the radiation waiting area for lagging coins. Not even cancer can stop them from acting like kids!!

John's is still doing fairly well given the circumstances. He is weighing in at 176.5 which is down about 6.5 lbs from the start of treatment. His ability to eat is becoming more difficult so getting the nutrition down is his biggest challenge along with the pain in his mouth. His mouth and tongue feel like they are on fire all the time so even soups and smoothies are tough. It takes him until lunch to finish his breakfast and until dinner to finish his lunch. He gets tired very easily and is resting a lot. Elaine is in Stockton for the week and will return next Monday or on a moments notice if she needs to. Other than that all is well. We thank you for your continued support, cards, emails, posts, and phone calls.

Elaine and John

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday March 11, 2010

Wow!! It’s been almost two weeks since our last blog. Not sure how the time got away from us. Tomorrow will complete two full weeks of radiation treatments and John is still doing surprisingly well. That leaves him with only 23 radiation treatments and 5 chemo’s to go!! Believe me, he is counting down!!!

John wants to make the drive back to Stockton tomorrow after treatment, so that is the plan. He’ll be home Friday evening until Sunday morning so if anyone wants to pay him a visit or give him a call, he’d like that.

We’ve had a lot of visitors in the past two weeks. Tom Parker from SFD visited for a day. Thanks Tom!! John really enjoyed a visitor from the department. We’ve seen Johnny a few times too! Finally got a photo of him with his dad for the blog. My sister and brother in law flew out from Chicago for a week. It was wonderful having my big sister here to boss us all around. Just kidding Millie, you know I love you! Thanks for all your help and good meals for John. David was great company for John, and we are so appreciative of them making the long trip. Now, Natalie is here for two whole weeks taking care of and making her daddy smile! She will drive him back to LA on Sunday and I will stay in Stockton and work for a week. She is huge help too and great company for both me and John.

Not much else new to report. I will post again next Friday and try to stay on schedule. We’ve had quite a few emails and calls about the missing posts so we know you are looking for new info all the time. Thanks for your interest and concern. We really appreciate it… Until next week.. Elaine and John