Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Great News Today!!!!

John is feeling great after hearing from his Dr. that the tumor has shrunk at least 30% of it's original size!!  There is no more pressure on his lung or esophagus so he is breathing and eating better so he naturally feels much better.

His eating habits are back to normal and he's gained a few little pounds which he desperately needs!! His spirits are high.

John had a scan today to get an accurate reading on the tumor so his radiation oncologist can target what is remaining of the tumor more accurately now that it has shrunk so much!!


Thanks for all you support!!  Love, Elaine & John


  1. Yes!!!! This is such good news, John. We are thinking of you daily! Love, The Hoskinson Clan

  2. Hi John, just checking in on you. Keep up the fight. I'm sure it's very hard.
    Best regards
    Wayne King

  3. Great news!! Keep up guys, many hugs from Greece. Checking for your news from time to time any it's sooooo good to see that you are improving.