Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday April 4th, 2010

Happy Easter Everyone. We've had an OK rest of the week. My Aunt is here visiting and helping a bunch. John has had some nice visits from friends Pat, Brian, and Todd. Johnny, Niclole and Cooper paid us a nice visit too.

John is feeling alot more tired and isn't able to talk or visit much. Friday and Saturday evenings he had a bit of a fever that put me in a panic. He was able to get it back to normal with Tylenol, rest, and drinking fluids. Only nine more days of radiation treatment and two more Chemo Tuesdays to go so hopefully he will stay strong enough to avoid getting sick or needing a feeding tube.

The mouth sores and pain continue to be a challenge for him getting enough nutrition but he is still getting by. John is so looking forward to having the treatment behind him and getting back to Stockton and some normalcy. Looking forward to seeing everyone when we get back.

I forgot to mention John is quite the texter now, so his new nickname is "Dexter". Feel free to send him a text anytime. As always, thank you for your continued support.

Elaine and John


  1. Dexter the Texter that is. I would know first hand as we have been texting you right Johnny!! HAHA, so excited you only have 2 weeks left. You are right there John, you will be at Harpers Ferry with a nice cold one swimminng before you know it! Thinking of you, Elaine and the kids always!

    All of us

  2. Guy, it's great that treatment is almost over !! John, I guess Elaine takes advantage of your silences and talks continuously.... poor you. Hang on John, just a few more days with sore mouth and you will take your revenge.We love you very much and we are thinking of you...Keep us posted,eh? Many hugs, Caterina+Aris

  3. Hey there. Didn't see a post for this past week so thought we'd check in. In your last week of treatment, Buddy! Hang in there. We think of you guys every day. See you guys soon.
    EJ & Mary