Friday, January 29, 2010

Updated information will be available regarding John's condition and treatments in the next few days. Thanks for your patience.


  1. Dear John,

    It is your favorite sister in law. Hang in there Johnny. I am your party coordinator for your healthy homecoming. It is going to cost you big bucks so get ready for celebration. I love you and know that you can do this. You are in my thoughts constantly with lots of love and prayers.
    oxoxox Millie Von T

  2. Big John,
    You know that we're all with you 1000%. I know you will beat this and be back kicking butt in handball and ping-pong, because you've always had that "natural comeback." Also, I know you'll beat it because you're the best brother in the world!
    Love always,
    Your bro

  3. hej john

    with all our love from switzerland, we are all with you!!! get well soon, the cow's are waiting for the "alpechalb" ;o

    with love, catherine

  4. Johnny,
    Hang in there brother...we are all thinking of you. Can't wait to get you back on the handball court at 2's to school the whippersnappers!!

    Steve & Renee and the crew.

  5. Big John,
    Here is a quote from Eddie Rickenbacker, American war hero (1890-1973). "Courage is doing what you're afraid to do. There can be no courage unless you're scared."
    Hang tough during the next few weeks, knowing that we're all with you to help bolster the courage that is within you.
    Love, your bro,

  6. Kluve,
    You're in our prayers. Keep the faith up and stay strong. When you get back and feel up to it Rona will give you a massage on us.

    Danny the IT guy

  7. Hi There Kids! After several days , I figured how all this works....I clicked everywhere but on the comments....Here I set up a blog profile, uploaded a goofy photo that I think will crack you up...and now I realize all I had to do was open up comments left to you and type. Story of my life.... :) Gotta Smile!

    Thanks so much for the fantastic blog site keeping us all informed. Nothing is private amongst friends! We are thinking of both of you...nothing but positive thoughts coming your way! We love you and are your Tracy cheering section! Gary and I are counting on cooking Greek food together when you get home-so keep up that strength and kick that cancer in the _ _ _! Our love and smiles, CiCi and Gary

  8. Hey John,
    This PigMan headgear (profile picture) brought to you by the whippin' you gave on the golf course in Phoenix - remember THAT bet?! Scorecard shows that you came out pretty well that day, and why the PigMan be not so happy. I'd like another chance on the golf course soon to hand YOU the colors (Haynes), with my skin starting to graft and all (I'm hoping it's from my face).

    Get back to full speed and let us do what we can to help with that. It's good that that so many care so much about you, so keep blogged so we can do what we can to have you in our prayers and keep you and Elaine and your extensions in good cheer. You are good cheer to us.

    Your pal,
    Bovinius Alias Mortinias

  9. Hey Kluves! We are sending via the internet our love and support! We are thinking of both of you and praying for your quick recovery!

    John: Can't wait until next time I drink you out of all of your alcohol and you try to get me drunk with your blue, sugar rimmed magic drinks! Damn those were so good! LOL ;-) Much Love Thrown Your Way!

  10. Hey Johnny...t mo here. Really wanted to stop and see you over the weekend but we got off to a late start and the weekend was jam packed. Cheryl ran the Huntington Beach half marathon on Sun. I should be back in the area soon and I will try to give you a call. Hope all is good and you are enjoying all that clean ocean air!!!!

  11. Hey John,

    We just wanted to say that we are thinking of you and praying for you too! Glad to hear you are feeling ok. If you need anything we are a phone call away. I know Granny lives for any update on you, and she talked to Pat the other day. We all send our love to you and your family! Wishing you well.

    Rob,Julie and Delaney Family